Current Students (Spring 2022)

Instructions for the exchange students in DEEP, JYPE, IPLA, and COLABS.
(Last Updated: June 8, 2022)


Important Notice:
- Checking your DCMail account ('@dc.tohoku.ac.jp') regularly is required for the latest information.
- We may take photos/screenshots and some videos of you in our events, during the exchange program, which may be used for publicity
 on our websites or leaflets etc. You will be notified in advance when we are to do so, however, do feel free to let us know if you want to
 be excluded from them.

Important Information

※Important Information※
(Click the image above)

Things To Do (STEP 1-3)

IPLA students who have been participating from the Fall 2021 Semester do not need to complete Step 1. IPLA students who are starting their exchange this semester are required to complete Step 1, and then bring the original hard copy of the Oath with you when you come to Japan. COLABS students who are participating from the Fall 2021 Semester or before do not need to complete Step 1. COLABS students who are starting their exchange this semester are required to complete Step 1.


STEP 1: Uploading Documents to Google Forms by April 22, 2022

Pledge (not applicable)
Oath (Format for IPLA)

- Samples (Oath / Pledge)
- Your file name MUST be as follows; 'Student ID'_Oath or Pledge.
 (i.e.) C1IL0000_Oath / C1IL0000_Pledge


STEP 2: Academic Accommodation Form (if applicable)


STEP 3: Submitting Documents/Info. to Google Forms
*instructions available later

Program Guide & Course Registration

Online Class Guide (click "English version")

Guidelines for On-campus classes and Online classes

Notes on face-to-face classes


*Deadline: April 22, 2022

JYPE Academic Calendar
1) JYPE Orientation Guide
2) Registration Instruction
3) JYPE Syllabus
4) JYPE Personal Timetable (Excel)
5) JYPE Online Registration Form*
6) Registration Form for IRT Senior (with Sample)*
7) Registration Form for Specialized / General Education Subjects (with Sample)*
8) IRT Presentation
IPLA Academic Calendar
1) Registration Instruction
2) IPLA Course Description
3) Notice Board
4) IPLA Orientation Guide *refer to Google Classroom "IPLA 2022 Spring"
5) IPLA Japanese Studies *refer to Google Classroom "IPLA 2022 Spring"
6) Registration Form for Specialized / General Education Subjects (with Sample)*
7) Online Registration Form*

8) Course Cancellation Form
COLABS Academic Calendar
1) COLABS Orientation Guide
2) IRTLab Registration Form*
  - Elective Courses Offered by Graduate School
  - JYPE Courses
  - JLPK Credit Subjects
3) IRTLab Presentation
DEEP Academic Calendar
1) DEEP Orientation Guide *Not available for Spring 2022 Semester
2) DEEP Course Registration

JASSO Scholarship (SPRING SEMESTER 2022) (Not applicable to the online participants)

As explained in the JASSO Scholarship Guidance, for those who receive the JASSO scholarship, you are required to do following:

    • Sign at the Student Exchange Division [Map] every month: Monthly Signing Calender *Residence Card required for ID check
    • Submit the designated online form when the exchange program ends.
      [H-2 form]

Campus Life

Health and Safety

Staying healthy and safe is the most important thing for making the most of life at Tohoku University. If you are not feeling well, refer to the Student Health Care Center and counseling services and local medical facilities information.


Seasonal Announcement: Get your Flu Shot



Certificate Request Form


Temporary Leave Form

Temporary Leave Form Submission Required;
after obtaining approval from Academic Advisor if leaving Japan temporarily during your exchange period.


Safety Confirmation System (Response Mandatory)

University-wide Safety Confirmation Drill:
April 25, 2022 at 12:00pm (JST)


Information of Safety Confirmation System

How to register Safety Confirmation System

✓ Register your email address to confirm students safety in the event of major disasters.
Emergency Information
University-wide Safety Confirmation Training (Video)
✓ App download: iPhone / Android


J-Alert System: in the event of a missile strike

In the case of a ballistic missile threat to Japan, the government will issue an emergency warning using the J-Alert system. For details of what to do in case of such event, see our website.


Important IDs

  • Student ID verifies the student's status as a Tohoku University student.
  • Tohokudai ID is to access the following websites;
    - Tohoku University Portal Site
    - Student Affairs Information System to check your registered courses and grades
    - ISTU (Internet School of Tohoku University) to submit documents etc.




Counseling and Disability Services

If you encounter difficulties and/or feel anxious, please do not hesitate to visit the Center for Counseling and Disability Services.

(Counseling Office / Disability Services Office)

Consultations in English are available for free of charge. The details of student problems will be kept strictly confidential.
To use their services, please contact by e-mail (available prior to your program starts) or visit the Center directly.


Student Support

The International Student Help Desk, established to support international students at Tohoku University, resumed face-to-face services on June 8, 2022. Check the website below for details and visit them if you need help.


  • Tohoku University International Student Help Desk


    Tohoku University Student Exchange Division

    41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi,
    980-8576 JAPAN