Current Students (Spring 2020)

Instructions for JYPE, IPLA, COLABS, DEEP and DEEp-Bridge students
(Last Update: April 24, 2020)

* Closing the Student Exchange Division Until Further Notice *
You can reach us via email for inquiries.
[Related Announcement] How to Contact the Student Exchange Division


Important Notice: Student Exchange Division will send you emails during your exchange terms. Please check your registered email account regularly and read carefully for the latest information. When you contact the Student Exchange Division, make sure to write your Name, Student ID and Program clearly in the message.



Things to Submit/提出書類 (NEW EXCHANGE STUDENTS ONLY / 新留学生のみ)

All new exchange students need to submit following items via online systems. Complete STEP 1 & 2 below before the deadline.


  1. Copy of Passport
      (Photo Page + VISA Page + Landing Permission pages)
  2. Copy of Residence Card (Front side + Back side)
  3. Copy of National Health Insurance
  4. Copy of Certificate of Residence/住民票
STEP 1Complete the online form with required information: [Online Form]

Upload all documents via ISTU:

Available from October 2, 2019
[Instructions (ENG)/提出方法(日本語)]

STEP 3Email Service for Students (DCMail):
3.3 Forwarding / 3.3 転送設定

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 16, 2019/提出期限:2019年10月16日

Program Guide & Course Registration (SPRING SEMESTER 2020)

Read your program materials carefully and register courses by the deadline set by each program.

[IMPORTANT] Online Course Information (2020 Spring) 


1) JYPE Guide (as of Oct. 2019)/ Registration Instruction (as of Apr. 2020)
2) JYPE Syllabus
3) JYPE Personal Timetable (Excel
4) JYPE Online Registration Form *

5) Registration Form for IRT Senior (with Sample) *
6) Registration Form for Specialized/General Education Subjects (with Sample)*
7) IRT Presentation

*Submit by Thur., May 7, 2020Thur., May 14, 2020

2) IRTLab Online Registration Form
3) IRTLab Presentation



1) Notice Board

2) IPLA Orientation
3) IPLA Japanese Studies
4) IPLA Guide & Course Description 
5) Registration Procedures*

6) Registration Check Sheet*

7) Online Registration

8) Course Cancellation Form

(*Google Classroom)


DEEP Guide

How to register courses

(All DEEP & DEEp-Bridge)

JLPK Registration

(Except DEEp-Bridge Undergraduate)


1) All
2) Undergraduate
3) DBU Curriculum
4) Registration Check Sheet (Undergraduates)

5) Graduate



Important IDs

  • Residence Card: This is an official permission to reside in Japan and the residence card must be carried at all times during your stay in Japan.
  • Student ID: It verifies the holder's status as a Tohoku University student. However, exchange students and non-regular students cannot get student discount for JR (Japan Railway) with this card.
  • Tohokudai ID: Enclosed in the envelope provided when your dormitory check-in. This is to access university Portal Site.


Tohoku University Portal Site

Through the Tohoku University Portal Site, you will be able to access:

  • Student Affairs Information System to check your registered courses and grades.
  • ISTU (Internet School of Tohoku University) to submit documents and reports.


Photo Shooting during the Program

During the exchange program, we will take photos and some videos of you in our events, which may be used for publicity on our website or leaflets etc. Please let us know in advance if you do not want us to use them.

JASSO Scholarship (SPRING SEMESTER 2020)

As explained in the JASSO Scholarship Guidance, for those who receive the JASSO scholarship, you are required to do following:


For other conditions, please read [JASSO Guideline] carefully.


NEW STUDENTS: In order to transfer the first stipend, new JASSO scholars are required to submit Transfer Request Form (Example on page 2/ Signature required) and copies of bank book to the Student Exchange Division, no later than October 16, 2019. Otherwise the scholarship will NOT be provided.

Certificate Request/Temporary Leave Notification

Certificate Request Form

If you need a certificate issued by Tohoku University, fill in the Certificate Request Form online. In case you have your own form, upload it to the online form and explain in the comment field. When it's ready, you can pick up here at the Student Exchange Division.


Temporary Leave Form

If you leave Japan temporarily during the exchange period, submit a Temporary Leave Form. Make sure your academic advisor has agreed your travel plan before submitting this form.

Campus Life

Health and Safety

Staying healthy and safe is the most important thing for making the most of life at Tohoku University. If you are not feeling well, refer to the Student Health Care Center and counseling services and local medical facilities information.


Seasonal Announcement: Get your Flu Shot


Counseling and Disability Services

If you encounter difficulties and/or feel anxious, please do not hesitate to visit the Center for Counseling and Disability Services [leaflet].

Consultations in English are available for free of charge. The details of student problems will be kept strictly confidential. 
To use their services, please contact by e-mail (available prior to your program starts) or visit the Center directly.


Health Checkup *Mandatory

Postponement of 2020 Student Medical Examinations (2020 Spring)

Announcement of Mental and Physical Health Questionnaire for Students (revised version) (2020 Spring)

Chest X-ray (2019 Fall): [Instructions]


Safety Confirmation System *Mandatory

Register your email address to confirm students safety in the event of major disasters. Emergency Information 

App download: iPhone /Android

University-wide Safety Confirmation Drill: TBA


J-Alert System: In the event of a missile strike

In the case of a ballistic missile threat to Japan, the government will issue an emergency warning using the J-Alert system. For details of what to do in case of such event, see our website.



Student Support

The International Student Concierge Service

Tohoku University International Student Help Desk



IT Services

For a technical problem regarding Student Portal (SRP, ISTU, Student Affairs Information System etc.), visit the Center for Information Technology in Education, 5F, Multimedia Education and Research Complex on Kawauchi Campus [Map]. In case you have forgotten your Tohokudai ID and/or password, contact the Student Exchange Division.



Travel & Transportation

Tohoku University Campus Bus: Free shuttle bus services available for TU students and staff


Public Transportation in Sendai



Tohoku University Student Exchange Division
41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi,
980-8576 Japan


Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-12:30, 13:30-17:15

tel +81(0)22-795-3745
mail studyab@grp.tohoku.ac.jp