DEEp-Bridge from AY 2020-2021 Fall (after Oct. 2020)

Direct Enrollment Education Program for
Humanities/Social Science Students

DEEp-Bridge has been combined with IPLA since AY 2020 Fall (Oct. 2020).
Features of the new IPLA program can be found here.





DEEp-Bridge is an exchange program for undergraduate students in humanities and social sciences.  They can build up their Japanese, in particular academic Japanese, and study/research in their area in Japanese.


Curriculum for 2019-20 Spring

Undergraduate students (Special Auditing Student):

After taking the Japanese Placement Test to measure Japanese language proficiency, DEEp-Bridge participants register for compulsory and elective-compulsory subjects that match their level as described below. Participants must earn 13 credits per term.  A list of International co-learning classes and detailed information on Japanese language classes can be found here. DEEp-Bridge Curriculum/Syllabus

Two Tohoku University credits (TU credits) are to be given per course (90min.) in general. 

Academic Calendar


Level 4(Intermediate) CEFR/JFS* A2.2


Research Seminar for DEEp-Bridge Students **

1 Subject 2 Credits


Japanese Language (Level 4)

2 Subjects 5-6 Credits 


International co-learning classes (Language of instruction: Japanese-Level 4) or classes taught in English

3 Subjects 6 Credits

Level 5

(Upper-intermediate) CEFR/JFS B1


Research Seminar for DEEp-Bridge Students

1 Subject 2 Credits


Japanese Language (Level 5)

2 Subjects 3-4 Credits


International co-learning classes (Language of instruction: Japanese-Level 5) or classes taught in English; 6 or more credits in International co-learning classes recommended

4 Subjects 7-8 Credits

Level 6

(Advanced)CEFR/JFS B2


Research Seminar for DEEp-Bridge Students

1 Subject 2 Credits



General Education or specialized subjects (Language of instruction: Japanese) ***

6 Subjects 11-12 Credits

*JFS: JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education
**Research Seminar for DEEp-Bridge Students (RS): Students use the "4 skills" to obtain the Japanese language proficiency, knowledge, and practical skills necessary to study and do research at the university level. While students prepare an oral presentation on their own research for the end of the term and complete a research plan or a research paper, they will receive feedback not only from instructors but also from their supervisors.
*** Students may register for General Education subjects, such as International co-learning classes, that they did not take at Level 5.


Graduate students (Special Research Student):

Students engage in research activities under the supervision of an academic advisor at Tohoku University.

Requirement for Completion

A research report must be submitted to the Academic Adviser ※Except Students in Graduate School of Economics and Management

Contact After AY 2020 Fall (Oct. 2020)

Students who fall under one of the following conditions are NOT eligible for IPLA program which combined with DEEp-Bridge program.

- Students affiliated with our partner universities which only have department-level agreement with Tohoku University

- Graduate Students 


Alternatively, we offer other enrollment opportunities for those applicants through the Department Direct Exchange Scheme.

The guidelines for the Department Direct Exchange Scheme can be found below. Application method differs depending on each Faculty/Graduate School.

Graduate School Contact / How to Apply
How to Apply


STEP 1:  Applicants are only allowed to contact one prospective supervisor at a time.

Intercultural Studies
Arts and Letters 


Economics and Management

Division of International Education and Exchange Graduate
School of Economics and Management (DIEE)


When first contacting the relevant section of each faculty/graduate school, please make sure to inform them that the Applicant Status is

"SPECIAL RESEARCH STUDENT" or "SPECIAL AUDITING STUDENT (Undergraduate) at Department-level partner"