Tohoku University STEM Summer Program

チェックボックス Important Update—April 2020: 

 In light of the significant uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, TSSP 2020 is canceled.

 In 2021, TU will continue to offer TSSP Online courses. 

 Announcement for TSSp 2021 will be made via our website. 

What's new?

◆ Tohoku University Immersion in Japan Program (TUIP)


  Tohoku University STEM Summer Program (TSSP), Exploring the Frontier of Science & Technology is 

designed specifically for freshmen and sophomores majoring in science and engineering (STEM). We will provide students with insight on what world society needs based on advanced science and technology in the future and how they can contribute to society through research, and we will offer cutting edge classes in advanced sciences and engineering.

リンクのフリーアイコン3 (1) TSSP Flyer (as of November 25, 2019)


  Number of Enrollments: 30 students



June 14th, 2020

Opening Ceremony & Orientation

June 15th, 2020 

Final presentation, Closing Ceremony & Farewell Party

July 10th, 2020


July 11th, 2020

リンクのフリーアイコン3 (1)Detailed Program Schedule (as of November 15, 2019)



  •  豆電球のアイコン素材。This 4-week program consists of the following 4 parts: 


    (1) cutting edge science and technology being developed at Tohoku University;

     Spintronics Biomolecular Design Robotics Materials Science Information Science


    (2) science and technologies related to disasters and reduction of damage based on experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake; 

    Earth Science Disaster Science in Japan Disaster Response


    (3) group problem-solving activities (hands-on experiments) to gain experience with the frontier science and technology;

    Challenging Experiments for Quantum Phenomena

    Make and Handcraft an Efficient Motor and a Paper Airplane based on the Science and Engineering Theory


    (4) Japanese language and culture;

    Aikido Zen Meditation CalligraphyFlower Arrangement

    At the end of the program students will make a final (wrap-up) presentation on items (1) or (2) on their experience. The program includes experiments, lectures, facility/laboratory visits, presentation and field trips. The following topics will be covered.  


    リンクのフリーアイコン3 (1)Syllabus TSSP2020 (as of November 15, 2019)


                Field Trips

                ● Swordsmith in Miyagi

                ● Tsunami Damaged Local Areas

                ● TOYOTA Factory in Iwate

                ● J-PARC (Accelerator Facility) in Ibaraki 





Participating students are required to take hands-on experiments and lectures, attend facility/laboratory visits and participate in group-work sessions, after which they will give wrap-up presentations. On completing these requirements, students are eligible for 8 ECTS*. These credits are not conferred at Tohoku University. Students who require credits for this program should inquire at their home universities. 

*1 ECTS credit is equivalent to 25 hours of workload. ECTS credits used to evaluate the student workload required for completion.


Privacy Policy

Please visit the link below to read about Tohoku University's privacy policy:

Tohoku University Privacy Policy (PDF)





学生帽のアイコン素材  Applicants must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate degree programs at one of the listed partner institutions below.

Freshmen and sophomores may be more suitable for this summer program. Other details about application requirements will be sent to partner institutions by email.


Australia: University of Melbourne

Canada: University of Waterloo

China: Tsinghua University

Singapore: National University of Singapore

United Kingdom: University College of London, University of York, University of East Anglia

U.S.A.: Penn State University, Purdue University, University at Albany - State University of New York (SUNY-Albany), The University of California (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angels, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Riverside), University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of Maryland, University of Washington



To apply for this program, students must be nominated by their home institutions. Prospective students need to fill in the online application form and upload the following documents no later than the deadline below. The link for the online application form will be sent to the partner universities’ international affairs offices separately. 


■ The application will open on December 16, 2019

■ Application Deadline: March 5, 2020 (Japan Standard Time)


Program Cost



All participants are requested to pay the total program expenses of 120,000 JPY that covers all expenses for various activities during the program by specified payment deadlines.

Travel, accommodations, insurance, meals, and personal daily expenses are to be paid individually. Students are advised to have sufficient money for meals and personal expenses. Payment instructions for the program expenses will be sent to the admitted applicants. 

Program Expenses 




・These program expenses have to be paid separately by the specified payment deadline of each category by credit card. 
 ・Additional non-refundable processing fee (approx. US$   10) will be charged for each payment.








・6,630 yen per night including tax and breakfast.

・Full payment is requested before the start of the program.
 Total299,010  yen



Tohoku University will arrange an off-campus accommodation in a hotel located ten-minutes away from Aobayama campus where most activities will be held during the program. Each student will be accommodated in a furnished individual bedroom and a bathroom. The accommodation cost is 6,630 JPY per night with breakfast. (Checking-in: June 14th; Checking-out: July 11th)

HOTEL PEARL CITY SENDAI: https://www.pearlcity.jp/sendai/en/


Those who need a visa to enter Japan should indicate this on their application forms. Tohoku University will provide an invitation letter to admitted students. Passport holders of certain countries do not need a visa to enter Japan for periods of less than 90 days.


A JASSO (Japan student services organization) scholarship of 80,000 JPY will be offered to outstanding students who meet the JASSO requirements and successfully complete the program.

JASSO Scholarship Information (PDF)
- JASSO Application Form (PDF)



Summer program participants are required to buy travel insurance in their own country BEFORE coming to Japan. Students will be solely responsible for any accidents that occur while staying in Japan. Their insurance must cover death and medical care expenses not only due to accidental bodily injury but also for sickness.


Student Exchange Division

41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-8576 Japan

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-12:30, 13:30-17:15

Tel: +81-22-795-3745

Email: tssp@grp.tohoku.ac.jp

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