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Online, non-credit bearing programs for Japanese culture and society.


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Past Events

Exploring Japanese "Manzai" - Intercultural Comedy Show

July 14, 2021

Manzai is a traditional form of Japanese stand-up comedy where two or three comedians exchange joke-filled conversations at high speed. It is representative of "Owarai" (comedy), and is rising as a new icon of Japanese pop culture. In this special event, 7 hilarious teams of students from diverse cultural backgrounds performed intercultural Manzai.

Event Report (English) (Japanese)

APRU VSE Co-Curricular Event : Exploring Japanese "Manzai" - Intercultural Comedy Show

Tohoku Global Campus Project
-Meet new friends at Tohoku University and around the world!-

May 23rd, 2021


Tohoku University student organizations, Tohoku University Global Campus Supporters and IPLANET, held an online social event for students from overseas partner universities.


The “Tohoku Global Campus Project” was launched as part of the Tohoku University Be Global Project to create opportunities for students from partner universities to interact with Tohoku University students. Participants can learn about Japan and Japanese culture through conversations with students at Tohoku University.


Event Report (Japanese)


Saké Lecture & Virtual Brewery Tour

February 9, 2021

Tohoku University shared the lecture on Japanese sake culture and etiquette by a staff of Asahi Shuzo Brewery.


Event Report (Japanese)

Discover 'Real' Japan from Home!

January 15 - 23, 2021

Tohoku University offered 6 sessions below including Japanese culture and exchange activities with Tohoku University students.


  • Trends in/problems with incoming and outgoing international students at Japanese universities
  • Exchange Activity with Tohoku Univ. Students
  • Life Careers and Japanese Companies
  • Intercultural Understanding in Practice
  • Intro into Japanese yokai
  • Introduction to Japanese Ukiyoe

JAPAN Expo by TOHOKU Univ.

December 5 - 6, 2020

Tohoku University offered 7 sessions below related to Japanese culture and society.


  • Adventure in Japan
  • Touring Japan
  • Six Summer Festivals of TOHOKU Region
  • The Portrayal of Japanese Media
  • A Treasure Hunt of Japanese Pop Culture
  • Japanese Pop Culture Expo
  • Kanpai! — What it Means to Be an Adult in Japan
「JAPAN Expo by TOHOKU Univ」APRU VSE Co-curricular