About Global Learning Center, Tohoku University


Today we live in a globalized society, and exchange across national borders is crucial.This center plays a pivotal role in the establishment and execution of Tohoku University's education internationalization strategy, and in the promotion of international exchange activities. By actively recruiting excellent international students, developing/improving education/support programs, developing/executing a variety of outgoing overseas programs, and actively promoting educational internationalization, the center contributes greatly to the fostering of global human resources who possess an international outlook and will fill leadership positions. The center also works to strengthen ties on and off campus, contributes to the construction of the global campus, performs PR activities, and promotes community ties.The current Global Learning Center was created in April 2014 by merging the Center for International Exchange, Institute for International Education (created under the Global 30 program), and former Global Learning Center (created under the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development).