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TU Support

The International Support Office aims to facilitate a wide range of engagements for international students and researchers, from issues with Status of Residence to tips for everyday shopping.

Financial Aid

Since these programs are based on exchange agreements between Tohoku University and the students' home institutions, tuition fees are waived for exchange students. Although the students themselves should basically bear the cost of living, they are eligible to apply for the JASSO Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan), which provides an allowance of 80,000 Yen/month for the duration of study. Applicants will be asked to indicate their interest and submit a designated form at the time of application.


International students staying in Japan for more than 3 months are required to subscribe to National Health Insurance. You will apply for this at the same time when you proceed your residence registration at a ward office. Note that there is no need to be vaccinated to enter Japan. Students are also required to enroll in 2 types of student insurances. The amount of the subscription fees will be informed upon arrival.

Tutoring System

This system is designed to assist international students new to Japan with their studies, daily life, etc., and help them adjust to their new surroundings as smoothly as possible. Students who desire a tutor should consult with their academic advisors and staff in charge of international student affairs in their departments.


Exchange students (JYPE/IPLA/COLABS/DEEP/DEEp-Bridge) are required to live in the university dormitories*. Move in dates are twice a year - approximately late in September and March. You can submit your dormitory application through the Student Exchange Division when you receive a notification.

*Some conditions/descriptions may be inapplicable for mentioned above exchange students. Detailed information will be provided before its application period begins.

Center for Counseling and Disability Services (CCDS)

The Center for Counseling and Disability Services [leaflet] provide counseling in English regarding difficulties, anxieties, and physical/mental health while studying at Tohoku University. The details of student problems will be kept strictly confidential.
You may contact the center directly for more details even before your program starts.

> Counseling Office

> Disability Services Office

Student Health Care Center (SHCC)

The Student Health Care Center conducts activities to maintain student health and promote healthy lifestyles while offering a variety of consultations and services concerning health. In addition to the main office on Kawauchi-Kita Campus, the Student Health Care Center has branch health care offices on the Katahira, Medical/Dental School, Engineering, and Agriculture campuses, where we provide health consultations and medical services.


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