1. Courses Descriptions

Last Updated: Sep. 2, 2020

Course Descriptions

IPLA2020-2021   Fall   Spring (TBA in February 2021)

                                     *Note that the same courses may not be offered in the next Spring semester as in the past.



Past Semesters

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IPLA 2019-2020  Fall Spring

IPLA 2018-2019  Fall Spring

IPLA 2017-2018  Fall Spring

IPLA 2016-2017  Fall Spring

IPLA 2015-2016  Fall Spring


IPLA Research Project

The IPLA Research Project is an independent study course focusing on a certain topic within your major or interest. The classes are conducted either one-on-one or in small groups. You will meet your instructor on a regular basis to confirm the progress of your research and complete the final paper by the end of the semester. It is an opportunity for you to deepen your studies at a higher level with professors at Tohoku University. Different topics will be offered each semester.

Past Research Topics

 ・Frontal Lobe Activity and its Relevance for the Theories of Action
 ・Philosophy of Language
 ・Child Labor in Cambodia

APRU Virtual Student Exchange

Courses for APRU Virtual Student Exchange