International Student Help Desk

The International Student Help Desk is a support corner that aims to answer questions from all international students related to academics, campus life, daily life, translation support, etc. Staff at the Help Desk are Tohoku University students themselves.

International Student Help Desk (in Japanese)


The International Student Help Desk is brand new corner that started in April 2019 which aims to support international students not only with their campus life but also concerning daily life in Japan. Here are some common questions we receive:


  • How can I connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi?
  • What does this letter that I got in the mail mean? (Pension, health insurance, bank account, etc.)
  • Where can I find information about part-time jobs, scholarships and housing?
  • How can I apply for a credit card?


Staff at the Help Desk are all fellow Tohoku University students. All of the staff can speak Japanese and English, and also their native languages such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, Russian, German, Thai, and Mongolian. The Help Desk staff have various resources to answer your questions and they can even share their own experiences with you.

Data from your consultation at the Help Desk may be shared among Help Desk staff, Global Learning Center instructors, and the Student Exchange Division. In addition, it may be used in statistical analysis that could become part of research presentations in an anonymized form that does not enable others to identify you or infer your identity. If you do not agree to your data being used in this way, please notify us.
(When contacting us as the following email address, please indicate your preference in the text of your email.)


Opening hours 10:30 to 17:00 weekdays, no appointment necessary.
Location 2nd floor, Education and Student Support Center(A01), Kawauchi Campus
Contact helpdesk*grp.tohoku.ac.jp (please replace the "*" with "@")
Language All staff can speak English, Japanese and their native languages.

For the newest updates and more information, check out the following


Facebook "TU Help Desk"

*The Help Desk will be closed during long vacations.


Instagram "helpdesk_tohoku"

Currently, we are providing support through the “International Student Online Help Desk,” while the “International Student Help Desk” is closed.

“International Student Online Help Desk” provides individual consultation on reservations, seminars and workshops that are related to the daily life of international students, and event information.

To access the service, please log in to Google Classroom via your DC mail account with the following class code.


Class code: wfm3mxf


Once the “International Student Help Desk” will be decided to reopen, we will make an announcement.


Online Help Desk Flyer


How to Reach Online Help Desk