グローバルラーニングセンター 所属教員

山口 昌弘
センター長 Director
/ 副学長(教育改革・国際戦略担当)Vice President (Education Reform and Global Engagement)
/ 副機構長 / 理学研究科教授
山口 昌弘 YAMAGUCHI, Masahiro

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  • 専門分野 / Field |素粒子物理学 Elementary Particle Physics
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|As the Director of the Global Learning Center (GLC), I am in charge of international educational exchange and global education.

I exert myself to realize an educational system that will foster young people who can live in this global era and lead their generation. The GLC conducts the Tohoku University Global Leader Program (TGL), which provides global education for our students, and promotes our outbound study abroad programs. In addition, it is developing the Future Global Leadership (FGL) program for excellent students from around the world, and various short-term inbound programs.

末松 和子
副センター長 / 教授 Deputy Director/Professor
/ 副理事(国際交流担当)Associate Executive Vice President (International Affairs) 末松 和子 SUEMATSU, Kazuko

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  • 専門分野 / Field |異文化間教育学 Intercultural Education
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|東北大学グローバルリーダー育成プログラム(TGLプログラム)、文系受入プログラム(IPLA、DEEP)、派遣留学(交換留学・短期研修)、国際教育カリキュラム開発 留学生教育・支援、グローバルラーニングセンター運営、国際戦略(学生交流) /
    Tohoku University Global Leader (TGL) Program, incoming liberal arts programs (IPLA, DEEP), outgoing study abroad (exchanges/short-term studies), international educational curriculum development, international student education/support, Deputy Director of Global Learning Center, international strategy (student exchange)


I wear different hats at the Global Learning Center, responsible for internationalizing curricula, teaching intercultural education classes, managing international programs, directing various teams involved in developing short study abroad programs, supervising students who are planning to study abroad as well as incoming international students, and developing international strategies for the university.

髙松 美能
准教授 Associate Professor 髙松 美能 TAKAMATSU, Mino

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  • 専門分野 / Field |社会教育学 Social Pedagogy
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|東北大学グローバルリーダー育成プログラム(TGLプログラム)、海外留学(スタディアブロードプログラム、交換留学)・国際共修授業担当 /
    Tohoku University Global Leader (TGL) Program, overseas study (Study Abroad Program, exchange studies), International Program in Liberal Arts (IPLA), Teaching Intercultural Exchange Subjects, Promoting Student Exchange, and Developing Summer and Spring programs


I had a lot of difficulties in living and studying abroad when I was a student, and now I can say that I am grown up because of being helped by many kind people. Thus, this is my turn to help you whenever you face any programs during your stay. Please do not hesitate to come and talk to me. I look forward to seeing you in Sendai.
I am teaching "Promoting Human Rights Education" and "Practicum in Education for International Understanding". I try to make the classroom as democratic as possible and mix with International and Japanese students. I will wait for you to join us for our interesting discussions.

准教授 Associate Professor ダハン・グザヴィエ DAHAN, Xavier

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  • 専門分野 / Field |Computer Algebra, Algebraic Graph theory
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|FGL Program

In my research I am developing efficient algorithms that solve computational problems arising in algebra. To measure the efficiency, the computational complexity of the algorithms is analyzed, before being finally implemented in a software. I also use computers in the "research development" stage, where it plays the role of "experiments". In relation to this, I am also interested in Cryptography and Algebraic Graph theory. Naturally, I like to use math software to teach mathematics! I have been in Japan for quite long, and I have travelled to many places. I would be happy to help in any way Japanese students willing to go abroad or foreign students looking for advice about living in Japan!

渡部 留美
准教授 Associate Professor 渡部 留美 WATANABE, Rumi

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  • 専門分野 / Field |異文化間教育・国際教育交流 Intercultural Education, International Education
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|地域連携、生活支援、SAP、国際共修授業
    Study Abroad Program (SAP), summer program (Tohoku University Japanese Program), international student advising, intercultural co-learning class

I have experience in a number of international activities, such as working as a tutor for International students and joining the Association of International Student Exchange, as well as studying abroad as an exchange student when I was a student. We offer a lot of International Exchange Programs on campus. So, please do not hesitate to participate in those programs to broaden your horizons.

渡部 由紀
准教授 Associate Professor 渡部 由紀 WATABE, Yuki

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  • 専門分野 / Field |比較・国際教育学 Comparative and International Education
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|東北大学グローバルリーダー育成プログラム(TGLプログラム)、海外留学(短期海外研修SAP、交換留学)/Tohoku University Global Leader (TGL) Program, Overseas Study Programs (Study Abroad Program, Exchange Studies)


Over the past ten years I have been researching issues related to the internationalization of higher education. I am interested in how universities are evolving as globalization and cultural diversity are increasingly influencing many aspects of higher education institutions. More specifically, my research looks at how higher education systems can promote international education and student exchange, and how faculty can facilitate and maximize intercultural learning among students with diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. My research is also influenced by the practical work I have done engaging in international education exchange duties at universities in Japan and the United States. I am looking forward to exploring these issues further and learning with the students here at Tohoku University.

准教授 Associate Professor 米澤由香子 YONEZAWA, Yukako

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  • 専門分野 / Field | 高等教育、大学国際化 Higher Education, Management of Internationalization of Higher Education
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|東北大学グローバルリーダー育成プログラム(TGLプログラム)、派遣留学(短期研修SAP)、国際教育カリキュラム Tohoku University Global Leader (TGL) Program, outgoing study abroad (Study Abroad Program), international educational curriculum development


I study internationalization of universities with a focus on its management. My responsibilities at Global Learning Center include Tohoku University Global Leader (TGL) Program, Study Abroad Program, and international educational curriculum development. I value the opportunity to work for Global Learning Center as an international educator, because here I can connect a variety of intercultural education theories to practice.

粕壁 善隆
特任教授 Specially Appointed Professor
粕壁 善隆 KASUKABE, Yoshitaka

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  • 専門分野 / Field |粒子線材料工学 Particle Beam Material Engineering
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|Junior Year Program in English (JYPE)・Cooperative laboratory Study Program (COLABS)

I welcome all inquiries from those considering overseas studies in the natural sciences, particularly with regards to cooperative research with world-class researchers in departments at overseas partner schools and those wishing to leap ahead in the field of joint research.

Prof. Yukiko Shinmi
講師 Senior Assistant Professor 新見 有紀子 SHINMI, Yukiko

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  • 専門分野 / Field | 異文化間教育・国際比較高等教育
    Intercultural Education, International Comparative Higher Education
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|東北大学グローバルリーダー育成プログラム(TGLプログラム)、文系受入プログラム(IPLA、DEEp-Bridge)、短期受入れプログラム(TUJP)、国際共修授業
    Tohoku University Global Leader (TGL) Program, incoming liberal arts programs (IPLA, DEEp-Bridge), incoming short program (Tohoku University Japanese Program), international student advising, intercultural co-learning class


A study abroad experience provides people an opportunity to reconsider their own values and worldviews through living in a different culture. I could not study abroad when I was a college student in Japan, though I was interested in studying abroad at that time. After graduating from university, through interacting with international students in Japan, I was stimulated again, and with the support of people who had studied abroad from Japan, I was finally able to study abroad for my graduate degrees in the United States. I would like to support international students and domestic students at Tohoku University so that they can broaden their horizons through intercultural experiences.

特任准教授 Specially Appointed Associate Professor 坂本 友香 SAKAMOTO, Yuka

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  • 専門分野 / Field | 国際教育 International Education
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|海外留学(短期海外研修SAP、交換留学)、留学生受入れ(DEEp-Bridge)、国際広報 Outbound: Overseas Study Programs (Study Abroad Program, Exchange Studies), Inbound: Direct Enrollment Education Program for Humanities/Social Science Faculties (DEEp-Bridge), PR

日本とアメリカの大学において15年にわたり、国際教育交流の仕事に携わってきました。高校卒業後、米大学、大学院へ留学し、現地の大学では留学生アドバイザー、アカデミックアドバイザーとして働いていました。10年間の滞米経験を経て帰国し、国際教育交流に携わるプロフェッショナルとしてキャリアを築いてきました。留学中は、数多くのインターンシップやボランティアにも挑戦しました。座右の銘は”Challenge yourself and challenge the world”です。何事にも挑戦すれば道は拓けます。

Upon finishing high school in Japan, I studied and worked in the United States for ten years. With over a decade of professional experience in higher education both in the U.S. and Japan, I bring substantial experience in student advising. My professional goal is to work with students to promote cross-cultural understanding and to assist them to achieve their professional and academic goals. As an international educator, I enjoy working closely with domestic and international students as well as colleagues overseas.

MOTT Derrick Michael
特任准教授 Specially Appointed Associate Professor モット デリック マイケル MOTT, Derrick Michael

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  • 専門分野 / Field | 化学、材料科学、ナノテクノロジー
    Chemistry, Materials Science, Nanotechnology
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|FGLプログラム
    FGL Program

私のキャリアでは、エネルギー生産、廃棄物管理、環境品質といった最重要課題解決に向けた、化学及び材料科学に焦点を当ててきました。 これらの課題は容易ではなく、その研究・解決には、新世代の有望な科学者が必要です。また、このようなグローバルな問題に対し、独創的な思考で新たなアイデアを探求する意欲を持った、国際的な姿勢が必要です。次世代の教育支援を通じて、より多くの科学者の化学の分野への参画を後押しし、教育・科学への熱意とグローバルな姿勢をあわせた、困難な技術的課題への取り組みを促進できることを願っています。

My career has focused on chemistry and materials science to help solve some of the most critical issues in energy production, waste management, and environmental quality. However, these are challenging issues, and we need a new generation of promising scientists to study and help solve these problems. We also require international attitudes with a willingness to explore new ideas with out of the box thinking for these global issues. It is my hope that by helping to educate a new generation of students, I can inspire more scientists to join the field of chemistry and tackle some of the tough technological challenges by combining education, passion for science and a global attitude.

Koike Takeshi
特任准教授 Specially Appointed Associate Professor 小池武志 KOIKE, Takeshi

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  • 専門分野 / Field |原子核物理実験・Experimental nuclear physics
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|FGL Program (Freshman Physics)


My main activities thus far have been a research of nuclear structure through experiments using particle accelerators both in Japan and abroad. In my field of basic science research, the research activities themselves cannot be sustained without an international environment. My vision of the globalization is not that of a world of global standardization, but rather of symbiosis and cohabitation through web of diversity (interconnected diversity), the vision to which I am also led as I try to understand the working of natural world. Students from the FGL program foster originality in their diverse campus life and leave with an aspiration to challenge global problems and crisis; this is one of my dreams.

KOJIMA, Midori
特任助教/ Specially Appointed Assistant Professor小嶋 緑KOJIMA, Midori

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  • 専門分野/Field | 高等教育、大学国際化
    Higher Education, Internationalization of Higher Education
  • 担当職務/Main Duties | 東北大学グローバルリーダー育成プログラム(TGLプログラム)、短期海外研修(SAP)、海外体験プログラム、国際共修授業
    Tohoku University Global Leader (TGL) Program, Study Abroad Program (SAP), Overseas Experience Program, intercultural co-learning classes


After a short homestay in Canada during high school, I became fascinated by international exchange and since then have been involved in various international activities such as studying abroad, working, volunteering and travelling. My long-term overseas experience has been in the UK and Thailand, and my main research interests is the internationalisation of Japanese universities. Working with people from different cultures, including foreigners, is sometimes challenging, but I believe it is a valuable and enjoyable experience that provides you with opportunities to learn and grow. I would like to take on many challenges together with you at Tohoku University.

渡邉 由美子
特任教授 (客員) Specially Appointed Professor (Visiting)渡邉 由美子 WATANABE,Yumiko

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  • 専門分野 / Field |地球化学、アストロバイオロジー Earth Science and Astrobiology
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|FGL Program、学生支援、Tohoku University STEM Summer Program (TSSP) /
    FGL Program, Student Support, Tohoku University STEM Summer Program (TSSP)


I want to use my experience studying at an American university and professional abilities to help international students have a richer life in Japan, not only in terms of their research, but also daily life. Of course, I will also welcome any questions related to Earth Science and Astrobiology.

湊 洵菜
助手 Research Associate 湊 洵菜 MINATO, Junna

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  • 専門分野 / Field |異文化間教育・高等教育の国際化 Intercultural Education, Internationalization of Higher Education
  • 担当職務 / Main Duties|大学の世界展開力強化事業(米国)、短期派遣・受入プログラム、国際共修、広報 Inter-University Exchange Project (U.S.), Inbound and Outbound Short-term Programs, Intercultural Collaborative Learning, PR


I am a firm believer in the power of openness—of our eyes, of our minds, and in our approach to the world. It is through this openness that we can truly dream and create meaningful connections with society. I am currently dedicated to developing international exchange programs, particularly those focused on the United States, a country I have been closely connected with since my student days. If you share a passion for expanding your global perspective, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am happy to work with you on your journey of discovery and growth.