The "Tohoku University Japanese Program (TUJP) Online-2" was held from January 13 to February 2, 2021.

Following TUJP-1 Online, held in December 2020, TUJP-2 Online was attended by 11 students with intermediate to advanced Japanese language skills from five partner universities in Malaysia, China, Korea and Germany.

With the help of their Tohoku University student buddies, the participants deepened their learning and exchange through practical Japanese language classes that will be useful for future study in Japan, as well as specialized classes on Japanese culture and analysis of Japanese companies.

At the final presentation, held on February 2, all participating students gave presentations in Japanese, and also presented the results of their SWOT analysis of Japanese companies that they worked on in their groups.

A participating student commented: "Through this online program, my desire to study at Tohoku University has become even stronger. I am looking forward to the day when I can go to Sendai.”

In addition to offering TUJP online for three terms in the first half of the 2021 academic year, the Global Learning Center plans to promote Tohoku University's appeal to talented students interested in studying there by developing custom-made programs that meet the needs of partner universities.