[Message from Tohoku University]
January 17th, 2022

To Tohoku University international students awaiting entry to Japan

 We deeply regret that many international students are still waiting to come to Japan due to the Japanese government's suspension of new entry by foreigners.
 We believe that it is very important for Tohoku University, a research university with an "open door policy," to welcome international students to Sendai to study and conduct research together. We have been cooperating with other universities to strongly lobby the government and related authorities to make this possible. Reportedly, the government is considering allowing international students to enter Japan in gradual stages. This is a reflection, albeit partial, of our requests. Tohoku University will continue to urge the government to allow international students to enter Japan at the earliest possible date. We are also making all preparations to facilitate your move to Japan as quickly as possible after the entry suspension is lifted.
 We respect the fact that, as students of Tohoku University, you are taking online classes and continuing your seminars and/or research activities with a strong sense of purpose. We will continue to do our best to support your studies. Tohoku University has set up an online help desk for international students. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us at any time.

You are already an important member of the Tohoku University community. We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to our campus very soon.

Vice President of Tohoku University
Director, Advanced Graduate School
Global Learning Center Director
Masahiro Yamaguchi







   山 口 昌 弘


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