The last two online promotion events in FY 2020 for the Future Global Leadership undergraduate courses (hereafter, FGL) were conducted on March 30 and 31, 2021 for high school students in China and Indonesia. In both events “FGL Student Ambassadors,” who are current students of the FGL, shared their experiences at Tohoku University, and also assisted the course explanation in the local language.

The event in China is the first experience for us to introduce the FGL courses to students at international high schools, etc. However, our presentations, especially the presentation by a current 1st year FGL student, were well received by the audience, and many students showed their interests. At the event in Indonesia, the host, Wardaya College broadcasted the event through “YouTube Live”, etc., and following the overview of the FGL program, a professor from each course explained details of the courses individually. This is an advantage of on-line.

These events were conducted as a part of Tohoku University “Be Global Project” and more than 200 people, excluding viewers of YouTube Live, etc., participated during the events.

As summary of the 2020 academic year from April 2020 to March 2021, we gave the FGL promotion at 18 online events in a total of 17 countries, a total number of the audience is more than 1.200, and in total 17 students ambassadors assisted our promotion.