The Tohoku University International Bachelor's Program (Future Global Leadership Program) Entrance Ceremony was held.

The entrance ceremony for Future Global Leadership (FGL) undergraduate students was held on Thursday, September 29.

The ceremony was held in-person (and online) for the first time in three years since the COVID-19 pandemic began. FGL welcomed a total of 28 students from 12 countries including Executive Vice President Takizawa and Vice President Yamaguchi attended the ceremony to welcome the new students.

Executive Director Takizawa, in his welcome speech, encouraged the new FGL students, saying: "In particular, our generation consists of a diversity of values, and numerous problems. These facts are reflected in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Solving these problems requires a broad foundation of knowledge, spanning the sciences and humanities. This is cultivated not by merely specializing in one's field, but by interacting with students gathered from around the world and learning together in a way that transcends academic boundaries. Our greatest wish is that the four years you spend here will be enriching.“

Three students gave speeches on behalf of the new students. The representative from the AMC course, Faculty of Science said: “I hope that I can learn more about chemistry in Tohoku University, while enjoying my time here and developing my own chemistry with brilliant people and this city.” A representative of the IMAC-U course, School of Engineering, in a speech for his future student life, said: “At Tohoku university we can stay curious, be ambitious and bring the dream to reality. As for me, I personally chose this university because I’m interested in aerospace. Entering university might be a great time to foster my curiosity.” The representative from the AMB course, Faculty of Agriculture said: “I would like to learn marine biology in Tohoku University, how I can use these skills in my home country.”

After the ceremony, a group photo was taken, and the new students looked forward to their university life in the refreshing autumn weather.