The number of cases is on the rise in Tokyo and other parts of the country, and in Miyagi Prefecture, the number of infected people has been increasing since mid-June. There have been a number of incidents that require extreme caution.

The basics such as "washing hands frequently", "wearing masks", "avoiding 3C (Three Cs)", and "taking care of one's health" are the most important. We ask that you further raise awareness of the importance of preventing infection in a thorough manner and acting responsibly.

To do so, please make active use of educational posters, Tohoku University Emergency Action Plan (TUBCP) and ABC poster, for the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases and the use of AI thermal cameras.

In order to prevent the spread of infection, it is also important to keep a record of your activities. Self-management of behavioral history, especially for recording activities on business trips and when away from home (counterpart, time, route, place of visit), is also important. Please make sure that everyone is aware of these prevention methods.