ATTN: All Student Organizations and their Member


Hirotsugu Takizawa
(Executive Vice President Education/Student Support, Vice Director Gakuyu-kai)

Notice: Extracurricular Activities Temporarily Prohibited


1. Overview From today on, all extracurricular activities are forbidden for the time being (excluding meetings held remotely using teleconferencing systems etc. and solo training performed off campus). The use of Tohoku University facilities and rooms for extracurricular activities is also forbidden. This prohibition will remain in effect until the end of the Golden Week holidays, but this may change depending on future developments.


2. Reason for Prohibition In light of the COVID-19 (i.e. pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus) pandemic, the Tohoku University Disease Control Headquarters is conducting ongoing monitoring of the situation and deliberations on response policy.
On March 5, we advised all students to take sufficient measures to prevent infections when conducting extracurricular activities.
However, since then the spread of COVID-19 has continuously accelerated.
In Japan too, an explosive increase in infections seems imminent, putting the nation on the verge of a public health crisis.
Tohoku University takes this situation very seriously, and has therefore deemed it appropriate to suspend all extracurricular activities for the time being. Here, "activities" excludes meetings held remotely using teleconferencing systems etc. and individual training performed off campus. It includes any and all competitions, retreats, practices, socializing, face-to-face meetings, use of campus rooms, etc. We know that many of you are passionate about extracurricular activities and will be disappointed by this announcement. We ask for your understanding as these measures will play a part in preventing people from becoming infected, or infecting others, with COVID-19. Moreover, the university has a responsibility to the community, as it would cause great harm and disruption to the surrounding area if a COVID-19 outbreak occurred among the university constituents. This prohibition will be in effect until the end of the Golden Week holidays. However, this may change depending on future developments in the COVID-19 pandemic. Please periodically check the Tohoku University and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare websites for updated information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Student Services Division's Activity Support Section. We sincerely hope that we can reinstate extracurricular activities in the near future, but until then ask for your patience and understanding.