How to Apply for Undergraduate (English)

Admission: October (Not April)
Language: English
Duration: 4 years
Application: January
Transfer System: None
Pre-enrollment education: June

  • Below is the main flow of the application process.
    Applicants are required to confirm the details in the FGL Application Guide in advance.
    The Stage Screening results will be announced on FGL website.

    Step 1. Confirmation of application qualifications and requirements

    For details of the qualifications and eligibility for application, see under "4. Eligibility for FGL" in the FGL Application Guide.

    Basic Qualifications

    - Have completed 12-years of education based on a non-Japanese education system by the time of enrollment in Tohoku University.
    * For those who have completed 11-years of education, your eligibility will depend on your education history.

    Academic Requirements

    Standardized Examination Scores Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry (or Biology for AMB)
    *Choose from GCE A-Levels, IB, ACT with/without Writing, AP, EJU or other national standardized examinations.

    * We are able to accept combination scores on multiple tests.
    (e.g. ACT Science + GCE-A Level Mathematics)

    Official English Test Score

    TOEFL iBT®(including Home Edition): 79+,  or IELTS™ Academic 6.0+

    *You may be exempt from submitting English scores. Refer to Page 7 of FGL Application Guide 2025.


    [TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL ITP, and TOEIC are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS).]

    * "ACT International Subject Test" are NOT acceptable.

    Step 2. Apply via the online application system

    The Application process is to be completed via the online application system (TAO).           *Click here for instructions

    Online Application
    Submission Period
    Noon (JST) Tuesday, January 7, 2025 - Noon (JST) Thursday, January 16, 2025
    • * We recommend you not wait for the application submission until the last minute. 

      Paying the Examination Fee

      The examination fee (JPY 5,000) must be paid during the above Application Period. Applicant must pay transfer/handling fees. Payment is made by credit card. See the following URL for detailed instructions.

    Examination Fee Payment Instruction

    Submit Required Documents

    Please upload all application documents as listed the application guide onto the online application system during the application period. Your application will only be accepted if you complete the application procedures through the system during the Application Period.

    Please use the following form.

    【2025】Statement of Reasons for Applying

    (Expected) Graduate Certificate Sample  *You can use your own school's format

    Letter on English Proficiency Sample  *Applicable countries only (see FGL Application Guide for more details).

    Step 3. 1st Stage Screening

    Announcement of
    1st Stage Screening Outcome
    10:00 (JST) Friday, February 7, 2025

    The 1st Stage Screening is conducted as follows, based on the documents you submit.

     a. Academic transcript issued by your school etc.
     b. Score from academic qualification exam or national standardized exam for college entrance
     c. Score from English proficiency test, etc.
     d. Statement of reasons for applying

    Step 4. 2nd Stage Screening

    Online 2nd Stage Examination One or two days during Monday, March 3, 2025 - Friday, March 7, 2025

    The 2nd Stage Screening will be conducted as follows.

    AMC Written and oral test including questions that will test basic academic ability in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, and essay.
    IMAC-U Written and oral test including questions that will test basic academic ability in Physics and Mathematics.
    AMB Written and oral test including questions that will test basic academic ability in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology.

    Sample Tests (only available for AMC)

    Step 5. Admission Procedures

    Announcement of
    Successful Applicants
    10:00 (JST) Thursday, April 3, 2025
    Admission Procedures 10:00 (JST) Thursday, April 3, 2025 - 8:00 (JST) Thursday, April 10, 2025

    The examination numbers of those who pass the 2nd Stage Screening will be announced on our website.

    Failure to complete the admission procedures during this period will result in loss of permission to enroll.


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