FGL : Staff Profiles

FGL Teaching Team - General Education -


Frank HANSEN Specially Appointed Professor

Research Field: Functional Analysis
Teaching Courses: Foundations of Calculus, Caluculus C (Ordinary differential equations), Foundations of Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics

Frank Hansen is a specially appointed professor of mathematics at Tohoku University and teaches mathematics at the FLG International Undergraduate Program.
Frank Hansen obtained his Ph.D (1983) and his Doctor of Science degree (2000) of Copenhagen University, Denmark, and he is the author of 61 scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals and some books.
The field of research is within non-commutative mathematics and mathematical physics with an emphasis on the geometrical properties of operator mappings; with applications in quantum mechanics, quantum statistical mechanics and quantum information theory.

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Takeshi KOIKE Associate Professor

Research Field: Experimental nuclear physics
Teaching Courses: Introductory Physics, Physics A (Classical Mechanics), Physics B (Oscillations and Waves), Physics C (Electromagnetism)
Main Duties: Tohoku University Science Summer Program (TSSP)

My main activity thus far has been research on nuclear structure through experiments using particle accelerators both in Japan and abroad. In my field of basic science research, the research activities themselves cannot be sustained without an international environment. My vision of globalization is not that of a world of global standardization, but rather of symbiosis and cohabitation through a web of diversity (interconnected diversity), a vision to which I am also led as I try to understand the working of the natural world. Students from the FGL program foster originality in their diverse campus life and leave with an aspiration to face global problems and crises; this is one of my dreams.


Martin ROBERT Associate Professor

Research Field: Biochemistry, Cell Biology
Teaching Courses: Life and Nature, Biology A (Essential Biochemistry), Biology B (Essential Cell Biology), Biology C (Elements of Physiology and Systems biology: Integrative and systems principles in biology), Introductory seminar (Selected Topics in Cell Biology)

Tohoku University has a tradition of excellence in science and technology and it's no surprise that these are the first academic areas in which undergraduate programs in English are offered. As a prospective student you have to weigh in many factors. I believe you will find that the quality of the curriculum, the academic, research and urban environments and the support students get in our FGL program are second to none. The FGL program is growing and we look forward to welcoming you. Be a part of it, join us in Sendai, to learn while having fun!

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Igor TRUSHIN Associate Professor

Research Field: Analysis, Differential Equations
Teaching Courses: Calculus A (Calculus of functions of one variable), Calculus B (Calculus of functions of two variables), Linear Algebra A (Fundamentals of linear algebra), Linear Algebra B (Basics of linear algebra)

I was educated in Soviet Union and have more than 10 years of teaching experience in Saratov University, Russia. After that I worked as visiting professor at Ewha Womans University, Korea and had taught for more than 5 years at different Japanese Universities. Now I am looking forward to meet our international students at Tohoku University.


Nurbosyn ZHANPEISOV Associate Professor

Research Field: Physical Chemistry
Teaching Courses: Chemistry A (Fundamentals of chemical bond theory), Chemistry B (Fundamentals of physical chemistry), Chemistry C (Fundamentals of basic organic chemistry), Mineralogy, Petrology & Geochemistry (Fundamentals of crystal structures of solids)

I have strong collaboration research experience with many research groups in Germany, Japan and the USA as well as my teaching experiences at Japanese Universities. My mother and Russian languages are very helpful in handling different things related to internationalization of education at Tohoku University. At the FGL Program of Tohoku University, I will teach the Chemistry Courses (Chemistry A, B and C as well as "Fundamentals of crystal structures of solids" course) for undergraduate students. These days Chemistry greatly overlaps with the relevant topics of Math, Physics and Biology being as part of Natural Science. It has no border so that students from different origin can seat together and will learn it.

FGL Teaching Team - Specialized Education -


Associate Professor, International Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Course - Undergraduate (IMAC-U), School of Engineering

Research Fields:
(i) Structural Mechanics
(ii) Computational Mechanics
(iii) Image Processing
(iv) Biomechanics

Teaching Courses: Input English, English for International Communication, English for Sciences, Mechanics of Materials

Main Duties:
(1) Teach English subjects at the Division of International Education & Exchange (IEED), School of Engineering
(2) Teach courses in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
(3) Promote the FGL and IMAC-U programs
(4) Conduct research and experiments to advance knowledge and contribute to society
(5) Publish original research in books and academic journals
(6) Serve on academic and administrative committees that review and recommend policies, and promote internationalization within Tohoku University

Message to FGL students:
For most of you, this is the first time far from your parents, relatives and close friends. Also it is the first, and maybe not the last time, that you will be living in a different country, and exposed to a different culture. This stage in your lives will be full of challenges and obstacles that will not only test you but it will transform you into a better person. Always, consider these challenges and obstacles as a stimuli to develop virtues like perseverance, patience and resilience. In the process, you will learn to embrace diversity, accept differences and become an essential element of the modern society: a world citizen.


Brian BREEDLOVE Associate Professor, Advanced Molecular Chemistry (AMC), Faculty of Science

Research Field: Inorganic Chemistry
Teaching courses: Special Class in Basic Chemistry II, Special Class in Basic Chemistry IV, Analytical Chemistry A, General Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry C, General Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry B

After nearly 18 years of living in Japan, I can honestly say that Japan has fostered safe and nurturing environment in which to study not only chemistry but all sciences. The Future Global Leader (FGL) program has gone beyond what is fostered in Japan to build academic programs in which you will be able to grow not only as a scientist but as a future leader of your prospective field. The programs are designed to provide you with the fundamentals, to challenge you to better yourself, to help you identify and solve new problems, to introduce you to cutting-edge research and, importantly, to offer a sense of global community. As a professor in the Advanced Molecular Chemistry (AMC) course, I will provide you with guidance during your journey to become the chemist and leader you can be, and I will do my utmost to help you realize your goals. Therefore, I hope you join the FGL community at Tohoku University in the beautiful city of Sendai, Japan.


Ian G. GLEADALL Professor, Applied Marine Biology (AMB), Faculty of Agriculture

Research Field:
(i) Aquaculture
(ii) Taxonomy and Systematics
(iii) Photobiology
(iv) Humane Treatment, Anaesthesia, Welfare and Life of Octopuses & Squids

Teaching Courses:
For Undergraduates
Introduction to Physiology and Ecology, Marine Biology, Physiology of Biological Resources, Seafood Management

For Graduates
Fish Wars: Competition Among Cephalopods, Fish & Man

Main Duties:
(1) Lecture on the AMB course at the Faculty of Agriculture, Aobayama Campus
(2) Lecture to graduate students in the Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences
(3) Promote the FGL and AMB programmes
(4) Conduct research and experiments to advance knowledge and contribute to society
(5) Publish original research in books and academic journals
(6) Promote trans-faculty communication and integration of English-speaking faculty and students among their Japanese peers.

Message to FGL students:
As a staff member teaching on the AMB course, I encourage students to participate in research as soon as possible by giving them the option for hands-on experience working in my labs (typically, starting in the 2nd year with jobs such as feeding the lab. animals). This paid work gives students a good opportunity to interact with both the other students on English-taught courses, and also with me and some of the other teaching and technical staff. My research schedule is busy but there are always plenty of opportunities to interact with the animals (mostly octopuses) and for students to take on their own projects. We all look forward to meeting you soon.

Website of Ian Gleadall

FGL Management Team


Masahiro YAMAGUCHI Director of Global Learning Center, Vice President (Education Reform & Global Management) of Tohoku University, Professor, Faculty of Science

Research Field: Elementary Particle Physics
Main Duties: As the Director of the Global Learning Center (GLC), I am in charge of international educational exchange and global education.

I exert myself to realize an educational system that will foster young people who can live in this global era and lead their generation. The GLC conducts the Tohoku University Global Leadership Program (TGL), which provides global education for our students, and promotes our outbound study abroad programs. In addition, it is developing the Future Global Leadership (FGL) program for excellent students from around the world, and various short-term inbound programs.

Yoshitaka KASUKABE Deputy Director of Global Learning Center, Professor

Research Field: Particle Beam Material Engineering
Main Duties: Future Global Leadership Program (FGL), Junior Year Program in English (JYPE), Cooperative laboratory Study Program (COLABS), Tohoku University Science Summer Program (TSSP)

I welcome all inquiries from those considering overseas studies in the natural sciences, particularly with regards to cooperative research with world-class researchers in departments at overseas partner schools and those wishing to leap ahead in the field of joint research.


Yumiko WATANABE Coordinator of FGL Program, Professor

Research Field: Earth Science, Geochemistry, & Astrobiology
Teaching courses: Science, Technology and Industry in Japan
Main Duties: Future Global Leadership Program (FGL), Student Support, Public Relations, Tohoku University Sciences Summer Program (TSSP)

I received B.Sc. in chemistry and M.S. in Geology from Tohoku University, and Ph.D. in Geosciences from The Pennsylvania State University, USA. I want to use my experience studying at an American university and professional abilities to help international students have a richer life in Japan, not only in terms of their research, but also daily life. Of course, I will also welcome any questions related to Earth Science and Astrobiology.