This page contains information about signing up for the Stanford University Program Seminar.


This is a program of Stanford University's The program empowers students from all disciplines to become change agents at their school.

With the support of the's training in design thinking, the global community of fellow students from all over the world, and the mentor faculty at Tohoku University, we are able to develop new activities and ideas to improve the university in this program. This is an ultra-practical innovator development program where students design their own new activities and learning to improve the university.

If you want to try something new, want to become an innovator that your friends will admire, or want to learn design thinking in practice, this is the place that you should come! We look forward to seeing you there!
Click here to apply for the first screening (on-campus selection) (due date: 3/25)

Updated 3.14
Due to the high amount of student interest in this program, we will make participation free of charge for up to 4 people (1 team). (I.e. Tohoku University will pay the participation fee of $4000.)



Four Tohoku University students, who participated in the UIF Program last year and were certified as Fellows, will hold a seminar for the Tohoku University Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Club (TIDE) as shown below. Current UIF Fellows will talk about the program and their personal experiences with it.


Stanford University Innovation Fellows (UIF)Program Information Seminar

Date / Time Thursday, March 10th, 14:00~15:00
Language Japanese / English hybrid
Seminar Video
Reference URL ・TIDE(Tohoku University Team)Video:
・UIF Video: