The “Sakura Science Exchange Program 2023” hosted by Tohoku University welcomed 9 students from Thailand’s top 3 high schools, Mahidol Wittayanusorn School, Kamnoetviya Science Academy, and Suankularb Wittayalai School.


Following the Sendai city and university campus tour using a local transportation system for visitors called “Loople Sendai”, the students attended lectures about “NanoTerasu” by Prof. J. Yoshida at SRIS and Prof. E. Nango at IMRAM/SRIS on the Aobayama campus. Then they moved to the Kawauchi campus to participate in Prof. Koike's FGL class with current FGL and local students.


Photo: Lecture on Kawauchi campus


During the visit, they also visited three FGL courses, AMC, IMAC-U, and AMB with an escort by current FGL students, and enjoyed overview presentations, short lectures, and lab visits at each course.


In the IMAC-U course, Prof. K. Yoshida and Prof. Y. Hirata gave lectures about robotics engineering. In the AMC course, Prof. F. Nagatsugi and E. Nango gave lectures about their biochemical research fields.



Photos: FGL Course Visit (left: IMAC-U on the Aobayama campus/ right: AMC on the Katahira campus)


In the afternoon on November 9, Thai students visited Sendai Daisan High School, which is one of the Super Science High Schools in Japan, to present their science research at the science fair and interact with Japanese high school students. They also enjoyed the school tour escorted by Japanese students.


On the last day of the program in Sendai, students visited IRIDeS and the Arahama Elementary School to learn about the significant impact by the Great East Japan Earthquake, resulting disastrous Tsunami.

Photo: Sendai Daisan High School


After coming back to the GLC building on the Kawauchi campus, the wrap-up session was held to share their experiences at the program. Completion certificates were awarded to all Thai students and Dr. Parichat as an honor for their completion of the program and contribution to the field of science.


The very special days of the Sakura Science Program finally have come to an end. We are hoping to welcome such prospective students from various countries to introduce our FGL program and to create more opportunities for studying at Tohoku University.

Photo: Wrap-up session at the GLC building