On Wed. July 20, 2023, we welcomed students from National Chiayi Senior High School in Taiwan to Tohoku University. Their visit was a part of the educational program of Minamisanriku town which was severely damaged by the 2011 East Japan Great Earthquake. Since then, Minamisanriku has fostered a strong connection with Taiwan which has been supporting the recovery since the disaster.


The visiting session started with the introduction of Tohoku University and the FGL program by Prof. Mott, encouraging students to study at Tohoku University in the future. The participants were delighted especially when listening to the current FGL students from Taiwan. Mr. Wu and Ms. Tung shared their experience at Tohoku University, and at the end of the presentations, many questions were asked by students eager to study in Japan.


Although the campus tour was suspended in the middle due to a sudden downpour, Taiwanese students enjoyed lunch at the cafeteria with Tohoku University students.

We hope to create more opportunities for exchange and promotion between Tohoku University and schools abroad to strengthen relationships around the world in the future.