The Tohoku University Global Learning Center (GLC) is implementing a short-term student exchange program, the "Tohoku University Japanese Program (TUJP)," during the summer of academic year 2022. First, a two-week online program was held from June 20 to July 1 for students with beginner-level Japanese language skills. A total of 11 participants from universities in the U.S., China, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Germany took part in the program. Participants deepened their understanding of Japan through lectures on Japanese culture, problem-solving classes with Tohoku University students, and extracurricular exchanges, in addition to Japanese language study with an emphasis on improving communication skills.

In addition, from July 12 to August 8, we are conducting TUJP in person for the first time in three years. This year's program is being conducted as a special program, and 14 students from the National University of Singapore are participating. As part of the festival-themed program, participating students made decorations for Tanabata (a traditional Sendai cultural event) and experienced the Suzume-odori (sparrow-dance). Participating students also visited club activities at Tohoku University and interacted with Tohoku University student "buddies." We will continue to implement the program while taking rigorous infection control measures.