Future Global Leadership (FGL) undergraduate courses provide online "FGL Pre-Enrollment Education" for new FGL students who are scheduled to enroll in October. From 2021, the program has been implemented as an official course (Study Abroad Program-Basic A) for which credits are awarded after enrollment.

  This year, on June 20, we held an orientation for the 31 students from 13 countries who will enroll in October, as well as for faculty members and TAs who are currently enrolled in the FGL undergraduate courses and science and engineering Japanese programs. In principle, the course is held twice a week for 8 weeks until the first week of September. STEM classes (mathematics, physics, and chemistry) are designed with the high school-university connection in mind for those who will enter the program after completing various educational programs around the world. In addition to these STEM classes, students will learn the Japanese language necessary for daily life and will be introduced to the Japanese lifestyle and culture, Tohoku University, and student life.

  In a post-enrollment survey, this course has been well received by students as a unique initiative of the Tohoku University International Program, and a good cycle has been created in which previous participants are involved in the training as TAs to support prospective students every year.

Photos 1-3: The 1st Japanese classes on July 4