On Saturday, May 21, the "Sakura Science Exchange Program Online University Visit" hosted by JST was held at Tohoku University. The number of pre-registrations reached an amazing 2,155 people, while the live event exceeded expectations with an even higher number of participants from all over the world at 2,166.

The online virtual visit took the form of a two-hour promotional event tailored towards international students who are interested in attending Tohoku university in pursuit of a degree.

Following the overview of Tohoku University and the “Virtual Campus Tour: Campus Insider Sneak-peek” presented by two FGL students, the well-known space engineering professor, Kazuya Yoshida gave a special lecture entitled "Robotics for Space Missions: From the Earth to the Moon and Asteroids". This 30-minute lecture was very exciting and rich in content that covered the history of space exploration and the development of space exploration robotics. The audience was inspired and asked many questions about his lecture and general topics on space exploration.

In the “Panel Discussion: What is life like in Sendai?”, four FGL international students shared their experience and life at Tohoku University. We believe it gave the audience overseas a concrete image about life in Tohoku University as well as in Sendai.

In the Q&A Session at the end of the event, Prof. Yoshida, the program coordinator and other presenters answered various questions from the audience. Prospective student engagement was high, with many more questions asked than could be answered in the given time.

This event allowed us to introduce more details about our university and programs and we believe that the audience could visualize their life in Tohoku University. We are looking forward to seeing the audience in Tohoku University in the future.