The Tohoku University Global Learning Center conducted the first phase of the Tohoku University Japanese Program (TUJP) for the 2021 Academic Year from May 10th to 21st, 2021.


The first phase of TUJP 2021, which was held online in AY 2020 as well, accommodated six students from universities in New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, and Italy.


The students deepened their understanding of the Japanese language and culture through practical Japanese language classes, lectures about Japanese culture (e.g. Ukiyo-e, Yokai, classic literature, and foods), a traditional “Sendai Suzume-odori” dance lesson, origami, and creating haiku.


At the final presentation held on May 21, the students gave presentations in Japanese about the topics they found most impressive, their gratitude for the support students from Tohoku University, and their future study plans.