Tohoku University is participating in the “APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program (APRU VSE)” which was launched in 2020 by the International University consortium Association of Pacific-Rim Universities (APRU). Tohoku University actively promotes international student exchange through APRU VSE’s “Academic Course” credit transfer program and non-credited “Co-curricular Program.”

In the 2020 academic year, Tohoku University’s 14 sessions introducing Japanese culture, Japanese business and Economy, and exchange with Tohoku University students, were highly regarded.

Based on the outcomes, Tohoku University shared its insights at the online workshop “International Exchanges Unbound: Developing Co-curricular Programmes to Support Virtual Mobility” held on April 16, 2021. Associate Professor Rumi WATANABE from the Global Learning Center, Ms. Elena Fabbretti, who gave a lecture on Ukiyo-e in the TUJP Online short program, and Ms. Kiya Okhlopkova, who gave a lecture on Yokai at the TUJP, gave presentations.

More than 100 participants at the workshop participated in an active discussion of the merits and challenges of the online programs.

Tohoku University anticipates progress in the internationalization of education by making the most of online frameworks, which enable unique learning opportunities.