As a part of Tohoku University's “Be Global Project”, the FGL Online Information Session was held in February 2021 for top high schools in Indonesia and Thailand, where many students apply for FGL every year. 228 teachers and students participated in the session in total.

In each event an “FGL Student Ambassador,” who is a current FGL student, joined as a moderator, and also assisted with the course explanation in their local language. Some of the ambassadors were first-year students who had not yet arrived in Japan, but they actively talked about their online experience (pre-enrollment education, entrance ceremony, classes, etc.) and cooperated with their seniors and classmates who had already arrived in Japan. There were several questions on application procedures, scholarships, life in Sendai, student life, etc. from the high school teachers and students, which the ambassadors and FGL professors answered in the QA sessions.

●Mahidol Wittayanusom School (Feb. 15)
●Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (Feb. 17)
●Suankularb Wittayalai School (Feb. 20)

●SMANU M.H. Thamrin (Feb. 16)

The "Application Guidelines" for admission in October 2022 will be uploaded to the following website by July.