The Tohoku University International Students Reception for the academic year of 2015 was held on Friday, March 4, 2016 in the Ballroom of the Westin Sendai.

This reception is held around this time every year. The international students who entered Tohoku University and those who will graduate this year were invited, along with staff from international student support organizations and faculty and staff of Tohoku University, to facilitate the building of friendships and international exchange.

It was attended by about 350 people in all, including President Satomi Susumu, approximately 120 people from both inside and outside the university, around 165 students who are entering the university this year, and about 65 students who are completing their studies or graduating.

At the beginning of the reception, President Satomi offered words of thanks to those who provide support for Tohoku University's international students and encouragement to the students themselves. Next, Executive Vice President Hanawa Kimio led a toast. This event helped to deepen cultural exchange among the participants in a relaxed atmosphere.