“I am because you are.” The 32nd International Festival of Tohoku University provides the chance to engage with a diverse variety of cultures from all around the world, in hopes that this will help visitors see themselves in a new light.
The Tohoku University International Festival (TUIF) is the event where both Japanese and international students of Tohoku university, along with all the people of Sendai and Miyagi, can get together and enjoy each other’s cultures. The TUIF in 2016 had the privilege to host over 5000 people from all over the Tohoku region.

This year the festival will have around 30 food stalls selling delicacies not only from countries far away, but also from our Asian neighbors. Visitors can enjoy various amazing performances, on the stage and all around the festival area, for free from 10:00 till 16:30. Furthermore, visitors will have many opportunities to take part in many cultural happenings: i.e. games, traditional crafts and dances in the Interactive Corner. The Interactive Corner is a multicultural platform which organizes gatherings and fun activities for everybody, regardless of their age, gender or nationality - students, families, children from any country are welcome to take part and create new experiences. We also have the Lucky Draw where you can win great prizes. The prizes come from all around the world!

DateSunday, May 14, 2017, 10:00am - 4:30pm
VenueTohoku University Centennial Hall (Kawauchi Hagi Hall) (Map)
Food Ticket1,200JPY online/in advance
1,500JPY on the event day

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