All seats reserved, thank you very much. 定員に達したため、お申し込みを終了しました。

TUSTEM, an international exchange student organization, will have an online “Language Exchange” at 5 - 6 PM (JST), on Monday, February 21st.

Language Exchange is an event where we will enjoy talking in both Japanese and English! We recommend this event for people who would like to:
・Talk with Japanese (and international) students
・Get along with Japanese (and international) students
・Have fun learning Japanese (and English)
In this event, we will play a simple game that everyone will love. So, you can enjoy an international exchange by learning Japanese (and English) while playing a fun game!!

We're looking forward to meeting you 😉

To participate in this event, please fill in the form below by 3 PM (JST) on February 21st. In case more people will attend than expected, we would prioritize people relating to Tohoku University. We will send you the notification by email 1 hour before the event.

Register here!! ↓↓

*The application is now stopped.