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Course Descriptions

Fall Semester 2018 (To be updated in September 2018)

Spring Semester 2018 (Last Update: 2018/4/18)

Fall Semester 2017

Spring Semester 2017

Fall Semester 2016

Spring Semester 2016

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Course List and Time Table (Spring Semester 2018)

(Last Update: 2018/4/6)


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  1. Japanese

Japanese Corporate Culture, Decision-Making
International Project II
Practicum in Education for International Understanding
Understanding Japan through Miyagi’s Traditional Culture: Sparrow Dance
Understanding Japan through Miyagi’s Traditional Culture: Sendai Tanabata Festival
Japanese Communication Behaviors: Business
History of Art in Ancient Eurasia
Aikido for Beginners
Fieldwork on Society and Education in Japan
Universities in Japan and the World
International Project Building: Short Film Creation
Karate and Japanese Culture
Global Governance and Japan's International Cooperation
Internship Preparation
Global Business Leadership
Science, Technology and Industry of Japan
Geological Environment and Earthquake Disaster
Understanding Japanese History
Japanese Business and Economy B
Business Communication B
Microeconomics Ⅱ
Welfare Economy (Special Lectures)
Regional Enterprises (Special Lectures)
Development Economics
Introduction to Language Sciences (English)

Seminar on Japanese Law and Society  


IPLA Research Project

The IPLA Research Project is an independent study course focusing on a certain topic within your major or interest. The classes are conducted either one-on-one or in small groups. You will meet your instructor on a regular basis to confirm the progress of your research and complete the final paper by the end of the semester. It is an opportunity for you to deepen your studies at a higher level with professors at Tohoku University. Different topics will be offered each semester.

Past Research Topics

 ・Frontal Lobe Activity and its Relevance for the Theories of Action
 ・Philosophy of Language
 ・Child Labor in Cambodia