Direct Enrollment Education Program for
Humanities/Social Science Students


DEEp-Bridge is an exchange program for students in humanities and social sciences.  Undergraduates who have a spot score of 83 or higher (Level 6 on Tohoku Univerisity's Japanse Placement Test, approximately JLPT N1) can take General Education or Specialized Classes offered in humanities/social science faculties together with Japanese students.



Undergraduate students (Special Auditing Student):

After taking the Japanese Placement Test to measure Japanese language proficiency, DEEp-Bridge participants register for required and semi-elective subjects that match their level as described below. Participants must earn 13 credits per term. While Research Seminars and Kanji/Vocabulary 4 (K400) are two credits, all Japanese language classes are one credit. Other subjects, such as International co-learning classes, General Education and Specialized Classes, are two credits.

Level 4(Intermediate) CEFR/JFS* A2.2, JLPT** N3RequiredIntermediate Research Seminar for DEEp-Bridge Students ***1 Subject 2 Credits13Credits
Semi-electiveJapanese Language (Level 4)5 Subjects 5-6 Credits ****
International co-learning classes (Language of instruction: Japanese-Level 4) or classes taught in English3 Subjects 6 Credits
Level 5
(Upper-intermediate) CEFR/JFS B1,JLPT N2
RequiredUpper-Intermediate Research Seminar for DEEp-Bridge Students1 Subject 2 Credits13Credits
Semi-electiveJapanese Language (Level 5)3 Subjects 3 Credits
International co-learning classes (language of instruction: Japanese-Level 5) or classes taught in English; 6 or more credits in subjects taught in Japanese recommended4 Subjects 8 Credits
Level 6
(Advanced)CEFR/JFS B2,JLPT N1
RequiredAdvanced Research Seminar for DEEp-Bridge Students1 Subject 2 Credits13Credits
Semi-electiveGeneral Education or specialized subjects other than Japanese language (language of instruction: Japanese) *****6 Subjects 11-12 Credits

*JFS: JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education
**JLPT: Japanese Language Proficiency Test
*** Research Seminar for DEEp-Bridge Students (RS): Students use the "4 skills" to obtain the Japanese language proficiency, knowledge, and practical skills necessary to study and do research at the university level. While students prepare an oral presentation on their own research for the end of the term, they will receive feedback not only from instructors but also from their supervisors.
****The Kanji/Vocabulary 4 (K400) Japanese language subjects meet twice a week for 2 credits. Therefore 6 credits can be earned from 5 subjects.
***** Students may register for General Education subjects, such as International co-learning classes, that they did not take at Level 5.
A list of international coeducational subjects and detailed information on Japanese language classes can be found here. (JAPANESE) / (ENGLISH)/Syllabus

Graduate students (Special Research Student):

Students engage in research activities under the supervision of an academic advisor at Tohoku University.

You can find academic research staff and courses at Tohoku University here.

Requirement for Completion

A research report must be submitted to the Academic Adviser.


Students who are enrolled in their home universities until the end of the study period at Tohoku University. 
The home institution must have a formal student exchange agreement with Tohoku University.


Language requirement

Undergraduates: A SPOT score of 65 (approximately JLPT N3) or higher.  TOEFL iBT® Test 79 or equivalent is also required for those who do not obtain TTBJ/SPOT 85 or above.

Graduates:  A SPOT score of 85 (approximately JLPT N1) or TOEFL iBT® Test 79 or equivalent 

How to Apply

Students studying at Tohoku University's partner universities can contact their exchange program coordinator about an application and selection process of DEEp-Bridge.  Application materials must be submitted only through the coordinator at the student's home institution.


Students will be formally registered in either of the following Schools/Faculties/Graduate Schools as following status.

The applicant must specify their choice of School/Faculty/Graduate School with reading carefully our each website for study field and laboratory.


Special Auditing Student (Undergraduate)

Specilal Research Student (Graduate)


Graduate School/Faulty of Arts and Letters 文学部・文学研究科 *Starting from Fall semester only*

Graduate School/Faculty of Education 教育・教育学部

School of Law 法学部・法学研究科

Graduate School of Economics and Management, Faculty of Economics 経済学部・経済学研究科

Graduate School of International Cultural Studies 国際文化研究科


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