Every summer, the Future Global Leadership (FGL) Program invites foreign high school students, who are interested in fields of science and technology, to let them learn about and experience the Tohoku University FGL program in Sendai, and Japanese culture. The participants for this year’s summer school from August 3 to 5 were students and teachers from top high schools in China, Indonesia, Thailand, United States of America, and Vietnam.
During the summer school, they received many lectures on not only the program but also actual research, getting a sense of what are cutting edge science topics and how they are conducted at Tohoku University. However, the most informative and useful session for the students to find out about their future life at Tohoku University seems to have been the chat session with the current FGL students.
All participants safely returned to their homes with beautiful memories of the Tanabata fireworks and decorations, and their own calligraphy products from the summer school's Japanese culture session.