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Student  Organization

Student Organization

Tohoku University offers the Tohoku University Foreign Student Association (TUFSA), to which all foreign students can belong, as well as other foreign student associations with participants from various countries and regions. Many of these groups actively hold events with students and local residents, so we encourage you to contact them.

TUFSA (Tohoku University Foreign Students Association)

Tohoku University Foreign Students Association (TUFSA) represents all international students at Tohoku University. Established on November 3, 1965, TUFSA has been around, and has organized activities, for more than 50 years. TUFSA provides a platform for international exchange and strengthens ties between International and Japanese students at Tohoku University with the aim of making their time in Sendai a memorable and life long experience.

TUMCA (Tohoku University Muslim Cultural Association)

Tohoku University Muslim Cultural Association (TUMCA), founded in April 2006, aims to show the true face of Islamic culture through several activities that enable Japanese society to get up-close, first-hand interaction with it. Islamic culture is rich in variety and TUMCA is attempting to shine a light on some aspects of its diverse traditions.

TSAT (Thai Students Association at Tohoku University)

TSAT is a network to foster friendship among Thai students, whether current, past, or future, at Tohoku University. The community regularly holds events throughout the year and coordinates with other Thai student groups as part of the Thai Student Association of Japan (TSAJ) and the Royal Thai Embassy in Japan.


Current leader (until 31 Dec 2022): Mr. Thanatith Nakul, M1, Engineering.
Group contact email : sendai.thai*gmail.com
(please replace the “*” with “@”)

Chinese Students and Acholars Association in TOHOKU Region

The Tohoku Region Chinese Student Association is a member of the All-Japan Chinese Student Association, which is affiliated with the Chinese Embassy.
It is composed of a wide range of people, including Chinese students, scholars, and researchers in Japan, who are engaged in mutual support activities to promote friendship between Japan and China. It holds a Chinese New Year celebration party, a job hunting information session, and an e-sports tournament every year.


VSA Tohoku (Vietnamese Student Association at Tohoku University)

VSA is a forum for promoting friendship and academic exchanges among current, past, and prospective Vietnamese students at Tohoku University. We want to develop a network of students, alumni, and lecturers that share knowledge and opportunities, and encourage future generations to choose Tohoku University as their research destination.


Email: vsatohoku*gmail.com
(please replace the “*” with “@”)
Name: Tran Quang-Thanh
Affiliation: Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University (D1)
Email: tran.quang.thanh.p1*dc.tohoku.ac.jp (please replace the “*” with “@”)

AFAM (The African Association of Miyagi)

The African Association of Miyagi (AFAM) is led by international students attending Tohoku University. It also serves as an organization that connects Africans in the Tohoku region. In addition to providing adaptation and career support for international students, AFAM also contributes to the local community by visiting senior citizen facilities and holding “African Culture Seminars”.


The Miyagi Branch of the Indonesian Students Association in Japan (PPIS) was established in the 1980s with the goal of “helping, encouraging, and building each other up.” PPIS holds various events to support the daily lives of Indonesian students in Japan and to promote exchange with local residents.


E-mail: ppisendai*gmail.com
(please replace the “*” with “@”)

DATEntre OBOG Association

This network consists mainly of Tohoku University graduates who participated in the “DATEntre Tohoku Innovation Human Resource Development Program” while still in school, and now aim to find jobs or start businesses in Japan. Online exchange meetings are held regularly. Current students are also welcome to participate. Consultations are available in Japanese, Chinese, and English.


E-mail: DATEntreOBOG*gmail.com
(please replace the “*” with “@”)