Thank you for entering the Slogan Contest for COVID-19 Prevention Awareness. We received 85 entries in the Japanese category and 50 entries in the English category. Judging has concluded, and we are pleased to announce the winners.

In a slight change in prizes, we have decided to award 'Best Slogan' and 'Jury Choice Slogan(s)'.

English Category

Best Slogan

Time to Unite ~ Tohoku University ~ (Kazuma Ito、School of Medicine)

Jury Choice Slogan(s)

Stay Home, Raise Hope (Junna Minato、Faculty of Arts and Letters)

Close your door. Don't close your heart. Stay in touch. (Zhang, Yinghui、Graduate School of Education)

Distant but united we will all stay safe (Lucas Heiki Matsunaga、Graduate School of International Cultural Studies)

Japanese Category

Best Slogan

逆境じゃない,変革のチャンスだ。(Atsuro Maeda、Graduate School of Engineering)

Jury Choice Slogan(s)

はなれて守ろう元気なからだ 合わせて作ろう未来のちから (Kaede Sato、Faculty of Education)

東北から、アフターコロナの未来を創る (Chisako Kitayama、School of Medicine)

今こそ自分を変える時。(Miyu Takato、School of Engineering) 引きこもってるんじゃない、世界中が大学になっただけだ。(Misako Owada、School of Engineering)

今は心で繋がろう。またいつか手を繋げる日まで。(Kanon Tsurubayashi、Faculty of Agriculture)

Comments from the head of the judges panel, Prof. Masahiro Yamaguchi
Global Learning Center Director, Vice President for Education Reform and Global Engagement

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Tohoku University Global Learning Centre (GLC) organized a ‘Slogan Campaign’ for its students and faculty living under various restrictions so as to encourage them and prevent the infection and its spread. Within mere 10 days, enthusiastic participation was witnessed in the form of 135 applications in both Japanese and English. We received applications from 78 undergraduate students, 45 graduate students and 12 faculty and staff members. Some of them sent slogans in both the languages. Many of these submissions display uniqueness and are appropriate for the university. Despite the various restrictions, I am deeply moved by the students, faculty and staff members who are working towards a brighter tomorrow.

It is being said that it will take a long-term response to overcome this disease. It is time that we review our past behaviors and adapt a new lifestyle where we coexist with such viruses. Currently, the education is being provided remotely. At GLC, we will take this challenge as an opportunity to devise and implement strategies regarding development of new international education and exchange programs using the online platforms. The winning slogans will be used for future programs and activities by GLC to further promote the internationalization of education. We also hope that the slogans will act as catalysts for students, faculty and staff members at the university towards uniting their minds and persevering through this difficult situation.

At last but not the least, we would like to take this opportunity for expressing our sincere gratitude to all the people in the university who have cooperated tirelessly for this campaign.