ATTN: All Students



Tohoku University issued "Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Measures" (as of March 2, 2020). We ask you to read carefully the following and take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.




The latest update from Tohoku University regarding COVID-19 is available on the website below.




ATTN: All Students


Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Measures


March 2, 2020


The COVID-19 virus is invisible. Young people in particular display no symptoms even if infected. They could unwittingly transmit it to others, leading to it spreading to their families and the community in general. If this happens, the number of patients could abruptly increase, elderly patients could die, and Japan's medical institutions could become overwhelmed.


The data we have so far for Japan suggests that about 20% of those infected will transmit the virus to others. It has been determined that the most dangerous actions in terms of infection are staying in enclosed, crowded, poorly ventilated spaces, or speaking to others at arm's length distance or closer.


We ask that you carefully read the following and take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


    • Examples of places where the risk of infection is high are social gatherings, dinner parties, retreats etc. Therefore, we ask that extracurricular clubs and circles please cancel or delay tournaments, competitions, and retreats. Please also avoid having meals in groups (including at your own home).


    • For the time being, it is advisable to avoid traveling overseas or visiting your hometown. Please avoid any activities that could lead to spreading the disease overseas or in Japan.


    • If you must hold activities indoors, limit the number of people, ensure there is ample space, and curtail the time of the activity as much as possible. However, such limitations do not apply if activities are being held outside, or indoors with sufficient ventilation, and the participants are not crowded together, or if the activities are performed alone.


    • In addition to observing infection prevention measures (thorough hand-washing, using hand sanitizer, covering your mouth when coughing, keeping rooms ventilated etc.) please monitor your health. If you have cold symptoms or a fever (37.5°C or above), please stay home.


  • The Japanese government recommends that if you have cold symptoms or a fever of 37.5°C or above for 4 or more days in a row, you should undergo a consultation by phone. Please phone the call center (022-211-3883), follow their instructions, and then report your situation to the Student Health Care Center. When arranging a consultation at a medical facility, phone them first. Wear a face mask and avoid public transportation when going to the consultation.


The above is in effect until late March, but this may be extended depending on the situation.


















2020年3月2日 東北大学








    • リスクの高まる場の例として懇親会、食事会、合宿等があります。また、課外活動やサークル活動での試合や大会への参加、合宿も中止または延期をしてください。自宅を含めた複数人での会食の機会も避けてください。


    • 海外旅行や実家への帰省については、当面の間控えることが望まれています。海外や全国への感染を広げることにつながる行動は避けてください。


    • 屋内の施設をやむを得ず使わなければならない場合には、人数を制限し、距離を十分に確保して時間を限定するなどしてください。なお、屋外や換気が十分に確保できる場での大人数が密集しない活動、単独での行動について制限はありません。


    • 感染症対策(手洗いの徹底、手指消毒、咳エチケット、適切な換気など)を行うとともに、自身の体調を管理し、風邪の症状や発熱(37.5度以上)がある場合には自宅待機としてください。


    • 現在、政府は風邪の症状や37.5℃以上の発熱が4日以上続いている場合には電話をして受診をすることを推奨しています。その際はコールセンター(022-211-3883)に連絡し、その指示に従うとともに、大学の保健管理センターに報告をしてください。医療機関を受診する際は、事前に電話連絡し、できるだけマスクを着用して公共交通機関の利用を避けてください。