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Russia-related Events

2016/06/21(Tue) 10:39
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A visit for the Dean of Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University

On June 3rd 2016, the Dean of Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University Professor Yury Zinchenko, Vice Dean Professor Valentina Barabanshchikova, and Adviser for the Dean Alexander Raevskiy paid a courtesy visit on Tohoku University Executive Vice President Toshiya Ueki. Professor Zinchenko was visiting to discuss the establishment of a jointly-supervised degree program between MSU and TU’s Graduate School of Arts and Letters, and used the opportunity to visit EVP Ueki as well.

TU Professor Tsuneyuki Abe and Associate Professor, Nobuyuki Sakai from the Graduate School of Arts and Letters, and Assistant Professor Masachika Shiotani of the Center for Northeast Asian Studies also attended the meeting, where they actively shared their opinions on the possibilities of future student exchanges and collaborative research.

The Japan-Russia Forum of Rectors is scheduled to be held at MSU this October, with MSU Rector Viktor Sadovnichiy and TU President Susumu Satomi jointly serving as chair. It is hoped that academic exchanges between both universities will continue forward in the future.

At the meeting

Group photo(From left: Mr. Raevskiy, Professor Zinchenko, EVP Ueki, Vice Dean Barabanshchikova, Professor Abe)

Visit from Far Eastern Federal University Vice President Tskhe

On February 4th, 2016, Far Eastern Federal University’s Vice President for Research & Innovations Alexey V. Tskhe and Deputy Vice President Oleg L. Shcheka paid a courtesy visit to Tohoku University Executive Vice President Sadayoshi Ito. Deputy Director Toshiyuki Takagi of the Institute of Fluid Science and Professor Kaoru Maruta, Russian Government MegaGrant Project Leader at Far Eastern Federal University were also at this meeting, where they discussed developments in strengthening future research connections between the two institutions.

During their visit they also toured the Institute of Fluid Science, where Deputy Director Takagi gave them an explanation of his latest research. Following this, with Professor Maruta coordinating, the party toured various locations throughout the facilityVice President Tskhe expressed strong interest in the research he was shown, as well as his hopes for Professor Maruta’s joint laboratory to continue to serve as the core of collaborative research.

(From left) Deputy Vice President Scheka, Professor. Maruta, Vi