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Tohoku University Summer Programs 2012

2012/08/02(Thu) 15:29

Tohoku University Science Summer Program (TSSP2012)
-Merging Advanced Technology with Social Science-
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The Tohoku University Science Summer Program 2012 (TSSP) for undergraduate students in the fields of science and engineering was held from July 6 – 13. This year, 21 students participated from China (Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, Northeastern University), Australia (University of Sydney), the US (University of California Berkeley, UC San Diego), Germany (RWTH Aachen University), and Finland (Aalto University). The students took lectures related to six cutting-edge fields of science/engineering (Spintronics, Molecular Robotics, Electric Vehicles, Computer Vision in Robotics, Nanotechnology, Genetic Engineering) and three in the humanities (Japanese Architecture, Agent-based Model of the Diffusion of Fairness, Game Theory and Economics). They examined problems that span the areas of intersection between these academic fields, and studied the mechanisms by which the latest technologies are absorbed by society. The students also deepened their understanding of Tohoku University by touring its research offices and campus facilities, and on July 8 learned firsthand about the massive damage caused to the Tohoku area during the Great East Japan Earthquake by visiting the Gamo district of Sendai. They also had opportunities to meet students from Tohoku University, who volunteered to participate in the field trips, presentations, and campus tours. We believe such opportunities contributed to the future formation of international networks linking Tohoku University students with the program participants.

Tohoku University Arts and Letters Summer Program (TASP)
-Japan in the Global Context-
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As per last year, Tohoku University held its Arts and Letters Summer Program 2012 (TASP 2012) for undergraduate students from China, America, Taiwan and Australia. This year, the program started about a month early to accommodate summer university holidays in Australia. Therefore, it was held over eight days from July 6 - 13. This year 18 students participated from seven universities: Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, Chongqing University, Northeastern University (China), The University of Sydney, UC Berkeley, and National Taiwan University. This marked the second year of the TASP program. The theme of "Japan in the Global Context" was chosen. Lectures involved participation by the students and included visits to the Tohoku University Archives on Katahira Campus. Students attended six lectures on humanities-oriented topics (Practical Japanese 1&2, Time Travel Tohoku University, How to be (Im)polite: Face and Rapport, Reading Japanese Culture in Archeology, Understanding Japanese Manga Today: Its Grammar & Characteristics, and Culture and Environment in Nineteenth-Century Sendai) and three sociology lectures (Agent-based Models of Society, Game Theory for Economics, and Japanese Architecture). The lectures spanned fields ranging to sociology in order to foster in participants the ability to analyze problems in a multifaceted manner. Moreover, since students from Tohoku University volunteered to participate in field trips, presentations, and the opening/closing ceremonies the program significantly contributed to developing the participants' international perspective and understanding of other cultures.

  Opening Ceremony

  Visit to Hashimoto/Kagami Lab

  Field trip to Gamo area to study the aftereffects of the Great East Japan Earthquake

  Zazen (Seated Meditation) at Zuigan-ji

  Campus Lunch Tour with Tohoku University Students

  Final Presentation