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Student Exchange Program with Partner Universities

2014/10/21(Tue) 19:06

Online Application for 2015 Spring Enrollment is open.

Exchange Programs with Partner Universities - Students from overseas universities

Tohoku University has an extensive range of Student Exchange Programs with universities throughout the world.

The exchange programs allow you to complete a semester or two of your degree at Tohoku University. Most programs are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Depending on your home University's grading requirements, you may also be able to have the results obtained at Tohoku University credited towards your degree back home.

(Junior Year Program in English)
IPLA (International Program in Liberal Arts)COLABS
(Cooperative Laboratory Study Program)
(Direct Enrollment
Education Program)
Special Auditing StudentsSpecial Research Students
Academic agreement Level*University-Wide


FieldsEngineering, Science, AgricultureLiberal Arts / Social Science coursesScience, Medicine,
Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Agricultural Science,
Information Sciences,
Life Science,
Environmental Studies,
Biomedical Engineering


Language Proficiency

Applicant should be fluent in English

Level 1 or
Japanese proficiency issued by home university
Varies(Please inquire with the supervising professor)
EligibilityUndergraduate (3rd or 4th year only)Undergraduate (2nd or 3rd year only)GraduateUndergraduate or GraduateGraduate

1-2 Semesters

Application PeriodFall Semester: January 10 - March 10Fall Semester: January 10 - March 10
Spring Semester: October 1 - December 1

1. Junior Year Program in English (JYPE)

The main purpose of this program is to offer an opportunity for you to take science, engineering, and agriculture courses at Tohoku University, without having to attain the Japanese language proficiency that would be necessary to take the same courses in Japanese. All lectures are given in English and course credit will be given by the standards for the equivalent courses offered in Japanese.

We recommend that you take two semesters (one-year), because some classes are designed for a whole year. However, a few students can be admitted for a single semester (6 months).

Further information is available here:

2. International Program in Liberal Arts (IPLA)

IPLA provides an opportunity for students at our partner institutions to study a variety of Liberal Arts classes taught in English, including Economics, Management, Education, and Literature at Tohoku University.

Further information is available here:

3. Direct Enrollment Education Program (DEEP)

There are two categories in this program.

Special Auditing Student

You can take regular courses where the lectures are mostly given in Japanese. You are required to provide evidence of proficiency in Japanese such as Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 or certification of Japanese proficiency by your home university. The certificate(s) should be submitted at the time of the application.
Special Auditing Students in Natural Science DEEP are required to take a total of 13 credits per semester.

Special Research Student

You can do research activities under the supervision of an academic advisor at Tohoku University. You are not always required to provide evidence of proficiency in Japanese. If your academic advisor would agree to supervise in another language you want, you would not be required to show you proficiency in Japanese.
Special Research Students in Natural Science DEEP are required to take 30 ECTS equivalent or more each semester. The Individual Research Training in Lab (IRTLab) will be conducted with the support of the faculty and research group members, through experiments, calculations, theorizations and their related activities to acquire basic research-related knowledge and techniques.

You can find academic research staff and courses at Tohoku University here:

4. Cooperative Laboratory Study Program (COLABS)

Cooperative Laboratory Study Program (COLABS) is a program designed to nurture creative capability in students for research in science and engineering, and/or interdisciplinary fields, and to increase their abilities to expand their activity into new science and engineering fields, by offering scientific research training in the assigned research laboratory as well as basic science, engineering and their related courses taught in English. The scientific research training of Individual Research Training in Lab (IRTLab) will be conducted with the support of the faculty and research group members, through experiments, calculations, theorizations and their related activities to acquire basic research-related knowledge and techniques. It is specifically for challenging and research-oriented international students in science, engineering and their related field at Master level in their home University, which must have a formal student exchange agreement with Tohoku University. The exchanging duration should be one semester or one year (less than 12 months).

How do I apply to be an exchange student at Tohoku University?

If you are studying overseas at one of Tohoku Unversity's partner universities, you can contact your Exchange Program Coordinator for information about applying to Tohoku University as an exchange student. The Coordinator will be able to give you information about our selection criteria and will be available to assist you through the application and selection processes.

Your application must be submitted through the Exchange Program Coordinator at your home institution. You cannot make apply directly Tohoku University.

Eligibility requirements

To be considered for the Student Exchange program for one semester or one year of study at Tohoku University, you must:

  • be an undergraduate or postgraduate student at your home unversity after completeing the exchange program.
  • have completed at least one year of study towards a degree at a recognized institution in your home country and be continuing towards the degree of your home institution.
  • have a good grade average.

Note: Every applicant for exchange programs can apply for the scholarship awarded by the Japanese Student Services Organization. But, the scholarship is highly competitive.

Closing dates for applications

Applcations must be recieved by:

  • 10 March (for two semesters from October to September or one semester from October to March)
  • 1 December (for one semester from April to September)

The application Procedures

Online Application for 2015 Spring Enrollment:

  • Applications must be submitted by the person in charge at the home university. Download all application forms from the URL above, send the forms to the applicants, and have each applicant enter their application data.
  • Create a login ID and password for EACH applicant on the website. Log in and fill out the online application form with the information provided by the applicants on their application forms, and upload supplemental application materials.

List of supplemental application materials

  1. Applicant's information sheet
  2. Statement of Purpose / Study plan ( JYPE / IPLA / COLABS / DEEP )
  3. Official Academic Transcript (A page that describes the grading scale in English is also needed.)
  4. Letter of Recommendation from each applicant's advising professor
  5. Certificate of Enrollment at applicant's home university
  6. Certificate of Health
  7. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)
  8. A photocopy of the applicant's passport identification page (Identification page with applicant’s photo and name)
  9. A photograph of the applicant (JPEG file, the aspect ratio must be 3:4.)
  10. Application form for JASSO scholarship (only qualified applicants)
  11. A copy of the applicant's certificate of language proficiency
Applications must be submitted through the website no later than December 1, 2014 (Japan Standard Time). Any applications submitted after the deadline will not be processed.
Screening results will be announced via email in late January.
Note: All applicants must go through the screening process and only those who pass the screening will be admitted.

We can not review your application if it is incomplete to be read.

Please note: Submitting application materials alone DOES NOT guarantee your admittance. Every application goes through a screening process, and our exchange programs are highly competive.

Also: Your Student Exchange application must be accompanied by an official letter of nomination from your home insitution. You will not be accepted under the Exchange Program unless your home institution has a current Exchange Agreement with Tohoku University.

JASSO Scholarship

Although you should basically bear the cost of living, you are eligible to apply for the following scholarship, which is awarded by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan) includes an allowance of 80,000 yen per month. The number of the JASSO Scholarship grantees is limited. Not all students admitted into an exchange program can receive the scholarship. Further information is available here:

Notification of decision

We wil inform the Exchange Program Coordinator at your home institution of the final admission decision and the results of the screening for the JASSO Scholarship.


We will apply for a room at the dormitories below on your behalf.
Refer to "Tohoku University International House / University House".

  • International House Sanjo 1
  • International House Sanjo 2
  • University House Sanjo
  • University House Sanjo Ⅱ

*Every applicant CANNOT choose the dorm. Room assignments will be made according to available space.


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