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Global 30: Future Global Leadership

2012/01/31(Tue) 09:25


  "Global 30" is a Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)'s project to further promote internatinalization of core Japanese higher education institutions and to turn them into world-class international eduation and research centers. Tohoku University is one of the selected institutions for Global 30 and it launches the Future Global Leadership at Tohoku University (FGL) in Fall 2009.

  FGL is a comprehensive international program for enthusiastic global-minded international and Japanese students. Adding to the existing high quality programs in English (mainly at the graduate level) and Japanese (both at graduate and undergraduate levels), Tohoku University will start undergraduate degree programs taught in English in Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Applied Marine Sciences from the fall of 2011. Tohoku University will drastically increase its post graduate degree programs and courses for undergraduate exchange programs in a wide range of subject areas year by year.

  Through the university’s 15 overseas offices in 9 countries, as well as numerous visiting missions, Tohoku University provides on-site admission processes, pre and post-enrolment support, high quality Japanese language training within each curriculum, and career support for those entering either the Japanese or international business worlds, as well as providing support to those pursuing careers in academia. Further, the university can provide Presidential Scholarships available to both graduate and undergraduate students.

  In short, the “Project Global 30” program at Tohoku University is a comprehensive education package which offers high quality learning and research opportunities for students who aspire to take on key international leadership roles in their futures, while at the same time providing a pleasant campus environment where both contemporary and traditional Japanese culture richly blends with the natural beauty of the area.

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